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A church who lives, preaches and sings the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

A church whose sincere Praise and Worship touches Heaven and changes Earth; Praise that influences the worship of people across the land, exalting Christ with powerful songs of faith and hope.

A church contemporary Pentecostal that refuses to be content with the triumphs of the past and, with a vision that inspires, constantly keeps its eyes on the future.

A church big enough to dream on a global scale, and personal enough for everyone to find their place.

A church who invites every man, woman and child who arrives: – “WELCOME HOME!”

A church so large in size that the city and nation cannot ignore it. 

A church in such growth that buildings have difficulty containing the increase.

A church place established in each Brazilian state, in each country in Latin America, and on each continent in the world, with the purpose of being a beacon that illuminates, brings the glory of God and hope to humanity.

A church where each member is a servant, because they understand that this is the nature of God – to serve.

A church whose leadership is unified in its commitment to authenticity, credibility and quality from its heart. Leaders who dare to be who they are while living secure in the knowledge that “what they are a part of is greater than the role they play.”

A church that champions the cause of local churches everywhere with an innovative network that connects hundreds of thousands of pastors and leaders, encouraging them to be all that God has called them to be.

A church continuously innovative: A church that leads in communicating a timeless message through multimedia, film and technology.

A church with a message transmitted to people around the globe through their screens, taking JESUS, whether to their homes, palaces or prisons.

A church which offers a ministerial training center for people from all over the world, who want to impact society in 7 areas of influence: family, religion, education, government, media, arts and economy.

A church with a globally recognized faculty that raises, equips and empowers generations of young and anointed leaders from all parts of the world. Graduates who serve God in any path of life, freed to salt the earth with dynamic ministries and churches across all continents of the world.

A church which builds a hospital, a community market, a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, a nursing home, an orphanage and a complex of socio-educational activities (from kindergarten to higher education) for children and adolescents in the five Brazilian regions: South , Southeast, Central-West, North and Northeast.

A church with one of the best TV centers, recording, mixing and mastering studios in Brazil, with the purpose of taking the gospel to all races, tribes and nations.

A church who is willing to love God above all else, serve everyone within her reach and influence the world through the powerful message of Jesus Christ.

A church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit, and whose focus is the Great Commission.

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