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Dear volunteer,

We would like to thank you for your generosity in dedicating your time and effort to build the Kingdom of God alongside us. Our church is not built through the gifts and talents of a few, but through the sacrifice of many.

The Mission church volunteer is one who embraces the vision of our house as their own vision and carries and represents our values in all spheres of life. It is someone who wishes to donate their time, work and talent so that together we can fulfill our mission of reaching and influencing the world. If you want to know more about our vision, values and what we believe as a church, visit our website or look for our leadership.

We are a church that loves God and loves people, and you are a key part in fulfilling our purpose of representing this love to everyone who enters our doors.


According to Brazilian legislation, you must sign a voluntary work agreement for your clarification and protection of our relationship with you. Therefore, to be responsible and transparent, we kindly ask you to read theTerm of Adhesion to Volunteer Work in the form below.

We are very happy with your decision to be part of our family and we truly believe that THE BEST IS TO COME in your life!


With love,

Roberto Soares and Marta Rubia
Leading pastors of the Mission Church.

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